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Steps Involved downloading E-Aadhaar Letter from the official UIDAI Portal
1.You Have To enter your Enrollment number, date and time (All which you can find 'em on the Acknowledgement Slip), your name, your PIN code at the UIDAI website to download e-Aadhaar letter.

Step 2.Next is Verifying Mobile Number. Last 4 digits of your mobile number, All which You have Entered while enrolling for Aadhaar, Will Be displayed here. You have to press 'yes' if it is correct. If not, You have to enter you mobile number right here. Then You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on your registered mobile number. You have to enter the password All which You will receive on your mobile phone, to proceed furthur.

3.Then you can download your e-Aadhaar Letter (Aadhaar Card) in PDF format. This PDF file is protected by a default password. Your Pincode Will Be the password to open your e-Aadhaar Letter (Aadhaar Card)

 download your e-aadhaar or check the status of your aadhaar card here

   Five things from this slip are important for you to get your Aadhaar:

1. The enrolment number / नामांकन संख्या . This is on the top left side of your slip below the Ashoka emblem of the governement of India. It looks something like this : 1053/61244/05470 . Note this number. Note that this number is in three parts, each separated by a slash (/) This slash is not to be typed when you enter this number online at the UADAI website.

2. The Date / तिथि -  This is given at the top right side below th Aadhaar emblem. Note that it is a date followed by the time in HH:MM:SS (Hour:Minute:Second) . All these six sets of digits in this are needed to be entered. Remember not to type the slash (/) or the colon (:)

3. Your Name - The name in English as given in your acknowledgement. You need to type it online in the website.

4. The PIN Code - The pincode as per your address in the acknowledgement slip. This also need to be entered online in the website.

5. Your mobile number - Your mobile number as given at the time of your enrolment is shown in your acknowledgement slip. This mobile number should be active and it should be with you for you to get the Aadhaar. An SMS is going to be sent to you to this mobile giving a temp password number which you need to enter for confirmation for you to get the link for downloading your aadhaar.
In a bid to allay concerns of stakeholders on the validity of e-Aadhaar and cut-away portion of Aadhaar letter, UIDAI on Monday said either of the two will be considered a valid proof of identity and address.
The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) which is implementing the Aadhaar project clarified in a statement that both--e-Aadhaar and cut-away portion of Aadhaar letter, is to be considered as a valid proof of identity and address.
The Information Technology Act, 2000 provides for legal recognition of electronic records with digital signatures. Hence e-Aadhaar is to be treated as a valid document in view of the fact that it has been digitally certified, the authority said in statement.
According to the UIDAI, the e-Aadhaar document is digitally signed, using certificate issued by NIC as per the IT Act. Further, all the data printed in e-Aadhaar is the same data as printed in Aadhaar letter, making it a valid and secured electronic document, which should be treated at par with a printed Aadhaar letter.
A "Resident Portal" had been launched to enable the residents download their e-Aadhaar, an electronically generated Aadhaar letter, from the website of UIDAI.
In addition, Common Service Centres, set up in states, are also catering to the needs of the residents with regards to download and printing of e-Aadhaar. UIDAI has been receiving complaints from residents regarding refusal of acceptance of cut away portion of Aadhaar letter as a valid document, it stated.
The authority said the cut away portion of Aadhaar letter is as an officially valid document as it contains all the details of Aadhaar letter such as name, address, Aadhaar number, photograph and logo of the Aadhaar Project.


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